Jewelry Care



Our gold plated jewelry is made of a thin layer of gold electroplated over 925 sterling silver or 316L stainless steel. We choose materials with the thickest plating whenever possible. 

316L Stainless Steel is used in many pieces in our collection for its durability and water resistance. This type of steel is also hypoallergenic which makes it ideal for those easily irritated by base metals like brass and nickel. Gold plated steel still needs a little TLC, and we recommend removing it before showering or swimming to preserve its shine.

Our other pieces are made with 925 sterling silver, which creates a brighter, more elegant finish to our jewelry. This type of metal allows small details to appear clearer and more pronounced. Metals like silver are delicate, and despite our best efforts, they can still fade due to a process called oxidation.

For your reference, we always list our materials on the product page for each piece so you can decide what will be the best material for you.





Properly storing, cleaning and wearing your jewelry is crucial to ensuring the longevity of your pieces. By understanding the different metals, you can confidently wear your favorites time and time again.

We do not recommend wearing your gold plated jewelry in water. Avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, oils, and sweat. These chemicals can dull your pieces and reduce their shine. Store in a cool, dry, and covered space. 

We recommend your jewelry be the last thing you put on when heading out. After removing your jewelry, run a clean dry cloth over each piece to remove the day. Do not use polish or soap on these pieces, as these chemicals can easily strip the plating.

Fading naturally occurs with wear and tear- this is not considered a manufacturing fault. You can follow these simple steps to help your gold-plated jewelry last longer:

  • Remove your jewelry before showering or swimming. If your pieces are exposed to excess moisture, wipe completely dry to avoid fading or tarnishing.
  • Allow perfume, lotions and creams to be absorbed into skin before putting on your jewelry.
  • After use, clean jewelry gently with a soft dry cloth to remove any oil or dust and restore their shine. A complimentary jewelry cloth is included with every purchase.
  • When not in use, store your jewelry in your Nena Gold box or in a cool, dry place. This will help to prevent the natural oxidation process as well as scratching and rubbing against other pieces in your collection.

If you have any questions about caring for your jewelry, please reach out to us at

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